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What’s Included In This Program:

Dear Home Business Entrepreneur,

My name is Carolina Millan.

Just a few short years ago, I was struggling financially and living paycheck to paycheck in my home country of Chile.

Fast forward to today, and I have made over $700,000 in the last 5 years through an amazing system called the Laptop Lifestyle System.

21 Step System Access

  • Online business training course

  • 21 Step System has been bought by 137,450+ clients

  • Learn proven strategies to make money online, with ‘top tier’ offers

Resources You Need To Succeed!

In addition to the 21 Step System, you also get these powerful resources:



(888) 123-4567



Access to Your Personal 1-on-1 Business Coach

Get access to your personal business coach via email, phone & Skype.

Make High Ticket Sales to Increase Your Income

Get access to High Ticket offers that YOU can sell to increase your income. These offers are proven to convert.

High Quality Masterminds in Exotic Locations

Visit exotic locations for high level mastermind meetings. Here you can learn, brainstorm and develop relationships with other internet marketers.


100% Money-Back Guarantee


Now, here’s where you come in. This company is currently looking for more more people to bring them leads. If accepted, they will let you leverage their sales system, and pay you commissions when they sell programs to your leads.

If that sounds interesting, then read this entire letter, because I’ll tell you how to get involved with them through the Laptop Lifestyle System.


I found a company that handles product fulfillment, sales, website design, customer service, and merchant processing for me.

This company works with regular people (like you), gives you a coach to teach you their Laptop Lifestyle System, and shows you how to find leads.

All you have to do is find leads–which I do mostly through free social media–and they do the rest.

They build the websites you send leads to

They process payments and handle customer service

They create the products and sales funnels

Their phone sales team closes your leads into high-ticket programs

And for every sale they close, you get paid a big commission.

Depending on the program they sell, you can make $1,250 … $3,300 … or $5,500 per sale!

You Get Paid $1,250 … $3,300 … or $5,500 Per Sale
(Just For Finding Leads)!

But first I want to paint a picture of what my life was like before I found this opportunity.

Unfortunately, my financial situation wasn’t good.

(Some of you reading this can probably relate.)

After studying Business Management at university, I got my first job in Human Resources, and tasted what it was like to be a “paid slave.”

There were limited vacations, a strict work schedule, and other people decided my worth and told me what to do.

I had to ask for permission for everything, even getting sick!

I remember lying to my boss once, telling him I had a doctor’s appointment, just so I could sleep in and get to work a couple hours late.

And worst of all, the pay wasn’t even that good.

I made the equivalent of about $1,000 US dollars per month, which was just enough to get by.

6 months in, and I realized the job wasn’t going to work for me. I’m somewhat of a free spirit, and I needed something with more freedom and opportunity for growth.

So, I tried to be an entrepreneur.

I joined an MLM opportunity, but failed miserably.

Then, I tried being a social media consultant, but found out that running my own business was much harder than I anticipated.

I struggled to get clients, and barely made enough income to get by. I had a mortgage and bills piling up, and no idea how I was going to continue paying them.

Then one day, everything changed.

The turning point was when I found a company that would do a lot of the “grunt work” of running a business for me.

They had the products, websites, employees, bookkeepers, and everything else I didn’t know how (or want) to do.

I could leverage their systems, but stay independent as an entrepreneur and get paid a commission (not a salary).

It was the best of both worlds!

And it opened the entire global market to me.

I was no longer limited to Chile or even South America. I could find leads from all over the world (without seeing them in person) and get paid in US dollars.

Now, my average annual income is over 6 times the average salary in Chile!

And it’s all because of one phone call in early 2012.

After joining, I was immediately introduced to my coach, who gave me incredible support, and taught me the skills I needed to get results.

With my coach by my side, I knew I wasn’t alone.

He was there to guide me, encourage me, and push me when I needed it.

Also, I was excited to discover that there was a community of like-minded people using this system and supporting one another.

At the time this community was large, but it’s continued to grow even larger and now includes people from over 37 countries of different ages and backgrounds.

The common thread is that we all have a desire to create financial freedom on our own terms.

And that’s exactly what I’ve done.

Within 18 months of joining, I had earned $80,000, and my income has continued to grow ever since.

To date, I’ve made over $700,000 in commissions!

It took some dedicated work to do this but working is normal for every entrepreneurial endeavor.

But, it’s not just the money …

You Can Get Your Dream Car Paid For!

This company has an excellent rewards program, where they pay for your dream car. My current car is this beautiful Mercedes Benz.

Now, this is actually my third car through them, and it’s been an amazing experience.

When you achieve a certain level of results, this company will reward you every month with a bonus for you to pick out the car of your dreams.

They also have a Vacation Points program, where they pay for you to stay at luxury resorts in tropical locations around the world like Costa Rica.

Honestly, my life has not been the same since joining the Laptop Lifestyle System.

And it can be a turning point for you too.